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    Increasing of quality standards and reduction of costs due to effective service management in your company

    The service management becomes more important for the success of a company.
    Service management in the manufacturing context is considered to be a practice for optimization of the services within supply chain management. It represents the intersection between the actual sales of products and the customer.

    Maximo EAM System supports the delivery of the additional services for a product. Furthermore the planning and integration of after-sale service with the services for purchased products, e.g. maintenance or support.

    Our experts accompany you during the whole implementation, beginning with the actual-state inventory over the analysis till the optimization, adaptation and recording of all the important business processes in the system, to provide an effective service management in your company.

    Service management is also regarded as a very extensive and independent field of the information technology – IT service management (ITSM).

    ITSM is in this context the entirety of activities and methods to gain the best support of business processes with the help of the IT organization.
    Main objectives of the IT service management are customer focus, quality improvement of IT services and costs reduction. De facto standard for the achievement of these objectives is ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) with its variety of standards and frameworks (Best Practices) to increase the efficiency of the IT management.

    So, IT services that are visible for customers will be ensured due to optimization of all the relevant IT processes. The basis for all the processes of IT service management is a transparency of the enterprise assets.

    Such an appropriate tool as IBM Maximo EAM supports this basis of information and the workflow optimally.

    Further advantages of the IBM Maximo EAM system for your company are, for example, comprehensive service desk functionality, license management or integrated service-level management.