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    Holistic approach for your assets

    The entire life cycle of your assets, from their setting, over the utilization, up to the decommissioning as a holistic approach.

    Intelligent software supports the corresponding processes. So you have overview and control about a state of things and activities.
    Rely on our Know-How!

    Maximo sectors
    • Maintenance
    • Facility management
    • IT asset and service management
    • Energy management
    • Environmental management
    • Mobile workforce management
    • Operation and documentation of assets, buildings and networks

    We support our customers in the following sectors according to our range of services:

    • Process analysis
    • Integration
    • Prozess modelling
    • Organization concepts
    • Team qualification
    • Assets allocation
    • Choice of a system
    • Delivery and installation of a system
    • System customization
    • Integration, data interchange with neighbor systems
    • Data migration
    • Implementation, training and supervision
    • System support