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    The high demands on availability and reliability of capital-intensive assets and machines make a predictive maintenance necessary for a profitability of a company.
    Expensive machines should work around the clock!
    Non-planned downtimes must be avoided!
    Planned downtimes must be organized at the optimal level!

    A professional maintenance is no more just a cost factor, but a control center for continuous improvements and savings.
    Although, the implementation of maintenance includes primary technical steps, business conditions are still fundamental for a long-term success.

    We help our customers to recognize how they can solve everyday problems and save costs using IBM Maximo EAM system.

    The functional requirements of maintenance, service and technical management are highly challenging. The owner of the assets is responsible for a compliance with regulations and technical standards.
    MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) of operational systems is to ensure that functional state of a system is sustained or it can be restored after a failure. In accordance with the Norm DIN 31051 MRO involves 3 basic measures:
    • Maintenance
    • Repair
    • Overhaul
    This definition includes not only operational methods, but also a corresponding MRO management.
    Furthermore, all the definitions, fundamentals and regulations you need, are specified in the DIN (national), ISO (international) and EN (European) Norms, e.g.:
    • DIN 31051 - Fundamentals of maintenance
    • DIN EN 13306 - Maintenance terminology
    • ISO 9000ff - BSection Quality management
    • DIN EN 31000 - Section Risiko management
    • DIN 69901 - Section Project management

    Also the ISO 55000 series of Asset Management standards was launched in 2014 (The basis for this norm was the worldwide successful British standard PAS55:2008 for Asset Management):

    • ISO55000:2014 - Asset management - Overview, principles and terminology
    • ISO55001:2014 - Asset management - Management systems - Requirements
    • ISO55002:2014 - Asset management - Management systems - Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001
    To make this complex system of legislation, norms and regulations transparent and to comply with it at the best level you need a strong and flexible tool such as IBM Maximo EAM for your company. Basic data and important technical know-how will be thus backed up and centrally provided for use.

    Our consultants have many years of practical experience as employees in different industrial sectors and utility companies. They gathered enormous experience in maintenance of machines, networks and buildings. All these make them understand the processes, the employee potential, weak points, risks and success factors of the company.
    This support will guide our customers reliably through the diversity of ambitious tasks and processes.