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    Administrating, managing and protecting buildings, assets and facilities – with a system

    Facility management (FM) is according to GEFMA (German Facility Management Association) an efficient management method, which unites necessary support (or secondary) processes of a company’s core business. A facility manager focuses thereby on a job engineering, retention of values and return on assets.

    DIN EN 15221-1 “Facility management” (Part 1: Terminology) provides, for the first time in Germany, the norm for terminology and structures in FM based on the work of European Standards Committee CEN 348. Analogous to GEFMA 100-1 it is clearly defined here, that the securing of the company’s core business (primary processes) is the subject all FM services should refer to.
    (Source: GEFMA)
    Within the scope of our services we successfully implement the IBM Maximo EAM System for our customers. Building Management is a part of a facility management. It covers both administration and physical maintenance of buildings. The customers can thoroughly inform themselves of the current state of each and every facility at the location, whether it is within a facility engineering management, which focuses just on the operation of facilities or an infrastructural facility management with all its services around the building. Also an energy-conscious facility management, including the energy-saving measures and a commercial facility management which helps to plan and control the costs are at customers’ disposal at any time. This comprehensive information supports business-critical decisions in the organization.

    EAM Software GmbH has integrated the neXt.fm (the product of wwsneXt GmbH) and IBM Maximo EAM in collaboration with wwsneXt GmbH. In this connection the Maximo Enterprise Adapter was used to integrate the data to the system due to Maximo business logic.

    neXt.fm is easy to operate but highly efficient software for inventory, facility, floor-space, document, cleaning, cash, contract and maintenance management. It is an outstanding tool to edit relevant data from graphical as-completed drawings.

    Configuration and servicing of a site structure is graphically supported by neXt.fm. Even asset structures could be built in neXt.fm and transferred to Maximo. The details of a data communication could be configured with the help of an appropriate tool due to customer requirements.

    • CAFM
    • graphical representation and navigation
    • floor-space management
    • room book
    • documentation
    • asset management
    • MRO
    • service management
    • work order management
    • logistics
    • invoicing

    The combination of both products ensures the integrated and easily maintained database. Maximo receives a needed master data immediately, so asset management can be started without wasting time and efforts for data capturing.

    The integration of the products neXt.fm and IBM Maximo proved its worth in practice by several organizations and public institutions, such as University of Potsdam or BG Clinical Center Hamburg.