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    EAM Data Management Tool/Maximo Data Manager

    "We use the Maximo Data Manager to set up all kinds of data in CORMAP, our Maximo maintenance management system. We utilize Data Manager to import our maintenance plans and ACM data structures. The tool is reliable, comprehensible and easy to use. It saves time and money.“

    Gabriele Assmann, Siemens Mobility GmbH
    "We have been successfully using the Data Manager in Maximo for many years. It significantly helps us to import data and to keep it up to date. This tool is extremely reliable and it improves our efficiencies and reduces operating costs."

    Thomas Stachowitz, Maximo system administrator in BG clinical center in Hamburg, Germany
    “Data Manager” and “EAM Data Management Tool” are only different names for the same software. The product name “Data Manager” is used if you buy this product from a partner of EAM Software GmbH like e.g. Interloc Solutions, Inc. in North America.
    For the EMEA and APAC regions the product is still marketed and sold as “EAM Data Management Tool” directly from EAM Software GmbH.


    Data preparation and data imports are costly, time-consuming, and can be a major bottleneck during a system rollout. Once operational, ongoing data management requirements are among the main challenges for the Maximo administrator.EAM Data Management Tool is the leading global tool to support all data administration tasks for IBM Maximo and IBM Control Desk. Across a wide range of industries, Maximo and Control Desk administrators and power users throughout Europe have worked with this tool for over 10 years. Two out of the three leading automotive manufacturers in Germany rely heavily on Data Management Tool to deliver the administrative capabilities for their operational success.
    The Data Management solution simplifies data revision, import and export activities through the use of Microsoft Excel. Fully integrated into the Maximo application, and enforcing the Maximo security framework, Data Management Tool allows the safe and easy execution of mass data updates and deletes, and other changes to key data attributes. Special import and export functions present normal object data and specification data in one line in an Excel sheet. With integrated template management, the tool can be used to set up and manage Excel reports, and the integrated transaction history allows for simple audits of all relevant data management actions.

    General functions:

    • Direct upload of Excel data to the target application
    • Download of data structures to Excel
    • Recognition of data formats and region settings
    • IBM certification: "Ready for Cloud & Smarter Infrastructure"
    • Template generation and administration for data imports and exports
    • Mass updates/deletes
    • Extended search functions
    • Concideration of business logic
    • Independence of a data base
    • Supporting of .xls and .xlsx data formats
    • Authorization by Maximo/ICD authorization management
    • Minimal time and effort for system installation and rollout
    • Quick and consistent data management, also for complex structures
    • Avoidance of type errors
    • Enormous saving of time and costs at the implementation during operating


    • Initial filling of the system, if needed with data processing and consolidating in Excel (Persons, Assets, Companies…)
    • Mass change of the existed data (change of the organization, account assignments…)
    • Quick creation of large amounts of PMs and jobplans, asset structures, configuration items...
    • Execution of regular standardized Excel exports with the help of predefined templates
    Fact sheet download: