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    We organize your assets - with a system

    The EAM Software GmbH exists since January 2006 and is specialized in the Enterprise Asset Management.

    EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) means the management of physical assets, machines, buildings, IT and other important enterprise assets. Using appropriate EAM software you optimize the utilization and the productivity of the company resources and thus increase the ROA (return on assets). Unlike SCM solutions, EAM software includes not only maintenance and service work management but also the whole life cycle of assets: beginning with the basic engineering, over their utilization, until the decommissioning or replacement.

    Optimal organizational processes combined with high-performance IT systems provide a basis for a holistic Enterprise Asset Management.

    We build bridges between a fascinating world of technology, basic requirements of business administration and various possibilities of a modern data processing.

    We operate cross-industry and have different locations for our customers in Germany, Swiss and Austria.

    Our promise

    We provide highly qualified consulting and approved solutions based on a comprehensive expert knowledge and long-time experience in all sectors of Enterprise Asset Management. We optimize the processes and implement integrated solutions based on IBM Maximo EAM in various industries, such as automotive, paper, facilities, transportation, utilities, medical equipment and government, all that in close coordination with our customers.

    Numerous successful projects across all the industries, their integration in different systems provide a firm basis for future projects.

    We offer our customers the sustainable values, such as:

    • efficient use of company assets
    • regulations compliance and transparency
    • minimization of risks
    • effective reduction of costs.

    Our competence

    The EAM Software GmbH is the only IBM-Business-Partner in Germany, which has the Gold Accreditation in Enterprise Asset Management. We possess all required certificates as an IBM Gold Business Partner and Maximo Support Provider.

    EAM at Ariba Network

    The world’s largest business-to-business network is a dynamic, digital marketplace where millions of companies transact to control costs, manage spend, and minimize supply chain risk while developing business opportunities. Using Ariba Network, you can integrate your entire purchasing process from source to pay with the market’s only end-to-end, automated solution suite.
    (Source: Ariba Netwowrk)

    Our locations

    Office in Markdorf (Lake Constance district)

    Office in Frankenberg (near Chemnitz)

    Office in Aachen

    EAM Software GmbH

    Am Stadtgraben 25
    88677 Markdorf
    Phone +49 7544 50699 20
    Fax +49 7544 50699 29

    EAM Software GmbH

    Freiberger Straße 51
    09669 Frankenberg
    Phone +49 37206 8952 20
    Fax +49 37206 8952 22

    EAM Software GmbH

    Kackertstraße 20
    52072 Aachen
    Tel. +49 241 47594824